Friday, March 13, 2009


  • Pisces are often thought to be very emotional, though their emotions aren't always openly expressed.
  • They can be outwardly observed, but inside, they can be swimming in a sea of emotion.
  • Pisces like things to go their way, but they aren't always complainers.
  • Many of them prefer to pretend to have a good time, while inwardly upset that things aren't going exactly as they planned.
  • Still others think of "things going their way" simply as spending time with the people they care about, and don't particularly care what they happen to be doing at the time.
  • The common thread with all Pisces, and indeed, all people of all signs, is that they enjoy the feeling of being valued and respected by the people they are around.
  • Feelings of being value-less or worthless to those they care about can be the most intense negative feelings for Pisces.
  • Many Pisces try to hide their emotions behind a mask when around others, but tend to drop the mask once they feel comfortable in a close relationship.
  • This "dropping of the mask" can be startling to some who assume that the Pisces outer exterior of calm is the real them, so one should be prepared.
  • Pisces can be compatible with all signs

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